Migrating to a not-misspelled-domain…

This blog used to be aperature.org and while I used that domain name for some time, it was a fairly bad misspelling and needed to be corrected.  If that wasn’t enough, the name didn’t really reflect the content very well.  When I got the original domain, I was very much into photography.  I migrated into other interests and didn’t change the name.  Besides all that, finding something in a .com, .org, or .net that was original and memorable was very difficult at the time.

So, this is now going to be stderr.info.  I like it because it’s short and it refers to the standard error file descriptor from the standard C library.  While some may think this refers to a medical condition, that’s not the case.  The great thing about TLA’s is that you can always come up with something different than what was intended.  🙂

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